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FriendlyTransfer is the “Uber” of international payments.

We connect friends around the world so they can exchange money locally, instead of making expensive international transfers.

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Welcome to FriendlyTransfer

How does FriendlyTransfer Work?

1 Make a Transaction

Set a $$ amount. Set the country where you need the money and the country where you offer the money. Hit GO.

2 Review matching results

Connect with a user through our chat feature and agree on how and when to deliver each other’s money.

3 Pay and review

Pay each other via a local electronic transfer (Bank, PayPal, Venmo, etc.). Confirm payment and review the transaction.

How does FriendlyTransfer work?

We leverage social networks to connect friends and friends of friends in order to build a community that engages on direct trust-based transactions, reinforced by reciprocal altruism.

Who uses FriendlyTransfer?

Thousands of people around the world who, to make small international payments, prefer to rely directly on their friends, instead of financial intermediaries.

How to make a succesful FriendlyTransfer transaction?

Unless agreed otherwise, the user with fewer reviews should fullfill his/her side of the transaction first. Keep your conversation within the FriendlyTransfer platform.

We invite you to join our community

Trust and Safety is not a Money Transfer Organization (MTO), which are government regulated financial service institutions that move money between countries. does not handle or transfer your money money.

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Our Team

Know our team, that every day we love what we do!

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Our Story

FriendlyTransfer (FT) was developed by international Harvard students at the Harvard Innovation Lab tired of paying expensive bank fees on international money transfers. In order to pay for school and other expenses - and avoid fees.

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3 Easy Steps

Sign in Propose and match.

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First transaction free

*Make transactions up to $ 2999

*You save a lot of money!

Express transaction

Not comfortable dealing with users you don’t know? No problem.

For a fraction of what you would pay a Bank, FriendlyTransfer can guarantee a successful transaction or your money back!

*Risk free.

*You receive your money in minutes.

*Faster transaction time.

*Money back guaranty.

Subscription plans

With a subscription plan you can make an unlimited number of transactions.

*Make transactions up to $2999.

*One Pass, 30, 90 day plans.

With this you save a lot of money!