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Avoid International Transfers

Use Your Friends to beat Bank Fees

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Simple and Friendly

Friendly Transfer allows friends around the world to connect and agree to exchange money locally instead of making expensive international transfers.

With Friendly Transfer you and your friends, not only save on international transfer fees, but also reconnect and renew your mutual trust.

We Are Radically Changing

The way people move money around the world

Why choose us

Forget about Banks

Banks will rip you off on international transfers, specially small ones. That's because they have massive legacy costs that pass on to you on each transaction.

Make Friends

Not only you and your friends save money, you reconnect and renew mutual trust.

Save Money

You save 100% of international money transfer fees and other transaction costs.

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Not comfortable dealing with FriendlyTransfer users you don't know?

No problem. For a fraction of what you would pay a bank, we can guarantee a successful transaction or your money back*. Learn more

* Some restrictions apply. Visit our paid plans page

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